We accept applications for Early Head Start (birth to 3) or Head Start (3-5 years).  Head Start and Early Head Start is free for income-eligible qualifying children. 

 You must be income eligible for Head Start.  To be income-eligible, you must have a household income under 100% of poverty, or are homeless, on public assistance, or you have a foster child in your custody. 

 We will then contact you and schedule a time convenient to you to complete an application.  The following documents are required at application time:

Age verification:  birth certificate, hospital record or Medicaid card showing child’s date of birth


Thank you for your interest in Head Start,


Robin Short | Support Services Coordinator

201 R.M. Davis Parkway, Piqua, OH  45356

V 937-778-5220 |

F 937-778-5099, ext. 10405


Enrollment is simple! Complete the information below. After submitting the form, you will be contacted by a representative. This individual will answer your questions and explain the requirements to complete the application for the specific center.


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