The goal for every teacher in each center is to help every child learn the tools they need to be ready to enter school and to be successful. The teaching plans and the materials utilized with every child are based on the most current standards in education today. All classrooms are equipped with computers and iPad’s for children to participate in technology-based learning and entertaining activities. Teacher Qualifications In order to meet the high educational standards at each CORS Head Start center, every Head Teacher is required to have the minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education (ECE) or a Bachelor’s degree in another discipline, with six applied ECE courses. In addition, 70% of Teacher Assistants have an Associate’s Degree or higher, with a minimum requirement of a Child Development Associates Certification (CDA).

Classroom Curriculum In the Early Head Start and Head Start programs, Creative Curriculum and Teaching Strategies Gold™ have been adopted for educational direction. This research-based teaching curriculum and assessment system, allows CORS Head Start teachers the flexibility to plan individual and group learning experiences. The program helps to build upon the child’s strengths and provide assistance to meet the child’s individual needs. In our home-based option, Parents As Teachers™ is a strong curriculum plan that links educators so parents can educate their children at home.

Early identification and intervention of health and developmental delays can ensure there is a bright future as a result of building confidence and readiness prior to attending school. Healthy Living for Children In order for each child to perform at the top of his/her ability, every center offers a warm, friendly environment where kids are comfortable and eager to learn. To ensure peak performance and desirable behavior, CORS Head Start provides daily nutritious breakfasts, lunches and mid-day snacks at no cost to families. Nature-inspired outdoor learning and play-spaces are part of each facility. Organized activities as well as individual play are part of the daily schedule. Healthy, active living for all children is important at CORS Head Start.  Social-Emotional Guidance CORS Head Start is committed to the social-emotional health of all children. A comprehensive plan is used to teach children the appropriate behavior for school and how to interact with other children and teachers.  This healthy classroom program supports children in expressing their feelings in a positive manner.

Step up to Quality Program Ratings The Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services recognizes early care and education programs that exceed licensing standards in early learning education, staff training, and staff qualifications. CORS Head Start has been Star Quality rated since 2008. The rating scale is a 5-Star system at our 16 CORS Head Start locations.

Step up to Quality Rating5_star
5 Star Rated Centers
  • Benjamin Logan Elementary School
  • Bradford Local Schools
  • Fairborn
  • Greenville
  • Indian Lake Elementary School
  • Milton Union Elementary School
  • Piqua
  • Sidney
  • St Marys
  • Troy
  • Union City
  • Urbana
  • Urbana South
  • Van Wert
  • Wapakoneta
  • Xenia
Step up to Quality Rating4_star
4 Star Rated Centers
  • Bellefontaine
Step up to Quality Rating3_star
3 Star Rated Centers
  • none at this time

Step up to Quality Rating2_star
2 Star Rated Centers
  • none at this time
Step up to Quality Rating1_star
1 Star Rated Centers
  • None at this time
Step up to Quality Rating
Not Rated Yet
Coming soon
Not yet rated
  • none at this time