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StoryPoint Troy is excited to announce their partnership with Kids Learning Place, a local preschool. Kids Learning Place has 19 locations in West Central Ohio that aim to enrich the lives of children from 1-5 years old.

StoryPoint Troy connected with Christina Gerken, the director of Kids Learning Place, to start a weekly, intergenerational program between their residents and the preschool children. Each week the residents switch off by either volunteering at the daycare or having the children come to StoryPoint Troy for a visit. On the weeks that the residents go to the daycare, they lead circle time, play games, read and even rock the babies in the infant room. On the weeks that the children visit StoryPoint Troy, the residents and kids will bake, craft, color and then parade their artwork throughout the community for everyone to see.

StoryPoint Troy is proud to be partnered with a local day care, as it enriches both the lives of the children and the seniors, according to Brooke Schutte, the Life Enrichment Director at StoryPoint Troy.

“It warms my heart to see the children interact with the seniors. I see the youthfulness in our residents’ eyes,” she said.

StoryPoint Troy has found this program to be very therapeutic for the residents, especially those who don’t get a chance to see their grandchildren and great-grandchildren very often, she said.

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Article from the Troy Daily News