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Since 1974, Council on Rural Services has been providing quality comprehensive educational and support services to individuals and families while building partnerships with people of all ages and inspiring them to seek new opportunities that increase their potential for growth. For 39 years, the early childhood education program of Council on Rural Services (CORS), known as Kids Learning Place (KLP), has helped provide quality education and care for over 30,000 children. Kids Learning Place centers meet Ohio’s child care licensing requirements and Step Up To Quality (SUTQ) standards. In addition, KLP meets the safety, health, education, and tracking requirements established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Children are exposed to research based curricula employed by certified and degreed teachers in every classroom ensuring they receive the highest level of quality early childhood education possible.

Council on Rural Services (CORS) established a self-assessment process in order to continuously improve the quality of services and programs. The evaluation process utilizes data gathered throughout the program year to learn about the effectiveness of our services and programs. Data is monitored continually, analyzed quarterly, and reports are produced semiannually to drive decision-making. This report is intended to provide a comprehensive snapshot of the program’s semi-annual progress based on the four outcomes developed from the four long term goals stated in the continuation grant. The four outcomes are: 1) Improve the health and wellness of children and families; 2) Ensure our children are school ready; 3) Continuously improve CORS Head Start systems to serve as best practices for the nation; and 4) Fully engage parents in the HS/EHS program

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