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What is Head Start and why can it be important to my child?

Head Start is a comprehensive early childhood development program that serves low-income children from ages birth to five years and their families at no cost. It is a federally funded program that is operated by Council on Rural Services / Kids Learning Place in nine counties. Children who attend Head Start programs are involved in school readiness that includes literacy, language, science, mathematics, and social-emotional development. They also receive medical and dental services, are served healthy meals and snacks, and enjoy playing safely indoors and outdoors.

Families are involved and are the center of Head Start’s success, Families can take part in the classroom as volunteers, help with class projects and even serve on the Policy Council, a board that partners with staff in decision-making for the program.

What is available and how do you enroll your children for the fall of 2016-17?

This fall, full day services (6 hours) part day classes (3 ½ hours) are available in most areas. Another option is home based learning with staff visiting families ( 1 ½ hours) each week and periodic group socializations.

Kids Learning Place participates in the “Step Up to Quality” program that rates licensed programs in Ohio. The Kids Learning Place has 11 centers with either a 5 or 5 star award and are the only education / child care centers in many of the counties to earn a 4 and 5 star “Step Up To Quality” award from the State of Ohio.

Kids Learning Place is NOW taking applications for the 2016-17 school year. Call today for information about eligibility for the program which provides services to children that are income eligible, in foster care or homeless. The program also allocates 10% of the slots for children with diagnosed special needs. To secure your child’s spot in the NO COST program call our toll free local number at 1-866-627-4557 today.

Council on Rural Services provides education and support services through Kids Learning Place™, Head Start, Early Head Start, Gateway Youth Programs, Achievement Center for Educational Success (ACES) and Community Connectors in their nine county service area.