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During this year, Head Start a federal funded early childhood education program, is celebrating their 50th Anniversary of the beginning of the program in the United States in 1965. Council on Rural Services has also been involved with the Head Start program since 1975, so we are additionally celebrating our involvement of 40 years.

As part of our celebrations we are looking for individuals or families that have been involved in the Head Start program over the years. Do you remember going to preschool in Head Start? We want to hear your stories; what do you remember about Head Start and how it helped you and your family to move forward in life.

We know that many of the Head Start alumni have gone on to be successful in life, with some becoming business owners, teachers, doctors, attorneys and wonderful parents of their own children. There are also many celebrity alumni; just look at Chris Rock, Shaquille O’Neal, and Deion Sanders all with beginnings in Head Start.

Please just email or call me at or 937-778-5220 so we can talk. We want your story to become part of our wonderful celebration of Head Start. Those who have been touched by this program know the reality of how a Head Start in life leads to success.