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Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4 through 8 and we are taking this opportunity to recognize the contributions teachers make in the lives of our children here at Council on Rural Services, Kids Learning Place, and the Achievement Center for Educational Success (ACES) program.

Being a teacher can be a challenging job; but it is also one of the most important and most rewarding careers you can have. Teachers impact the lives of our children from their earliest age while in a child care setting, to preschool, all the way through to college.

Teaching today is not easy, besides working with children in classrooms they have to work to meet multiple requirements placed on them from state and federal government regulations. But we see the dedication and commitment in our teachers here at Kids Learning Place while they are working with the children and families. This same dedication also inspires us as an organization to move towards achieving higher goals to support the communities.

Liz Schoonover, Early Childhood Director said, “Teachers give so much and we can’t ever thank them enough, but we can take a moment during this week to say “thank you” to them, their mentoring has so much of an effect on the way our children grow and learn. It’s not always easy to be a teacher, but they matter more now than ever.”

At ACES an alternative education program that serves students from Darke, Mercer and Miami County, we have staff like Deron Johns and Marcia Schlechty that not only teach teens from nine different school districts, but also care about them individually. Jeff Vaughn, program coordinator for ACES said, “Without this caring and understanding staff, ACES would not be effective. Staff have to be able to relate to the students to make impact and that is why ACES has worked”

As Henry Adams said, “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” Tell a teacher “thank you” today!

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Council on Rural Services provides education, support, and volunteer services through Kids Learning Place™, Head Start, Early Head Start, Gateway Youth Programs, Achievement Center for Educational Success (ACES) and RSVP in their nine county service area.